With the acquisition of any ranged weapon (longbow, short bow, crossbow, gun) you also gain an ammunition container (quiver, ammo pack) which can carry 20 shots of the specified ammunition. You may take a full-round action to re-supply your ammunition container but the action will trigger attacks of opportunity.
Ammunition has a 50% chance to be salvageable after firing; however, you must be able to retrieve them. Fleeing monsters that were shot, fire elementals that would burn up the ammunition, ammunition which missed and flew over a cliff are some examples of non-retrievable ammunition. To simplify the process the DM will only roll this percentile in batches of 5 pieces of ammunition.
Bullets can be salvaged but must be re-forged and/or re-packed before being re-used. This requires 1 hour of work and access to a forge.



Spells may land critical hits, spell critical chance is based on a percentile dice and the chance to critically hit is equal to 5 + caster’s primary mental statistic bonus (A wizard with 18 intelligence has a 9% chance to critically hit). When you roll a percentile dice for a critical chance you must choose the upper range to determine a critical hit (The wizard from before rolls a 4 = no critical, the next round he rolls a 92 = critical), IE no choosing either 0 – Spell Critical or Spell Critical – 100.
Damage Dealing Spells

If a caster critically hits with a spell, simply roll your normal damage and double the amount (before you add any bonus damage). If a critical spell has an associated saving throw AND includes damage the caster will add an additional 2 to the save DC.
Non-Damage Offensive Spells

If a critical spell has no damage component but has a saving throw, then the enemy automatically fails the save (IE a critical Slow won’t give the target a will save to negate, spell resistance still affects the spell)
Defensive Spells

If a defensive or buffing spell critically hits then treat it as if you had casted with the extend metamagic.
Healing Spells

If a spell which is meant to cure damage critically hits then calculate the amount of damage to be cured regularly and then double it. If a critical spell is meant to restore the target’s vitality then it removes all ill effects, as Greater Restoration.


Critical hits from physical attacks have been slightly altered to save time and hassle. When you successfully create a critical threat, roll your damage as usual (including your strength bonus, enhancement bonus, flat bonus damage and power attack), then multiply that damage by your critical modifier. Additional variable damage is not multiplied on a critical hit; that includes bleeds, magical damage, vital strike, precision damage, etc.


All Cure Wounds spells now have a range of Medium (100 ft + 10 ft per CL) and any healing above the target’s maximum hp becomes temporary hp for 1 round per 2 caster levels (minimum 1).


Healing surge is a supernatural ability which cures damage for yourself or others. This ability is dormant within all sentient beings across krona but only becomes active for intelligent subjects. When healing surge is used a glowing star appears on the forehead of both the caster and the recipient, as the stars make one full rotation a healing light cascades over the recipient. There is no restriction on who you may use this ability on, the healing is not considered positive energy and therefore won’t harm undead.

This ability is only available to those who have 10+ intelligence; eligible creatures gain 1 use per day + intelligence modifier and an additional 1 use for every 5 character levels, creatures with 3/4 BaB gain an additional 2 use and creatures with full BaB gain an additional 3 uses from first level. Healing surge is a standard action, its reach is medium (100 ft + 10 ft per character level) and heals for (character level * 4) + 1d6 per 5 character levels (1d6 starting at 1st level, 2d6 starting at 5th level, etc).

*This ability cannot critically hit and does not qualify for the Healing Spells temporary hp benefits.


All ranged touch spells can use either the caster’s dexterity or primary mental statistic to determine the attack bonus.


All spell casters start with the feat “Eschew Materials” which negates any need for spell components less than 1 gold; which includes all spell components which do not specify an associated value. All other spell components must be retrieved, or bought, and used as needed. All divine casters start with a divine focus and may channel its power without handling it; so it can be a necklace/ring/etc but does not use up an item slot.


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