Pesky Rules



Reduced movement speed due to armor will be enforced, as Armor Speed, but feats will be available to remove the hindrance. You also will not be able to sleep in heavier armor without being penalized.


Limitations on carrying capacity will be enforced as the Pathfinder Carrying Capacity Rules, however, there will be many different ways to augment your ability to carry objects. Spells gained by both arcane and divine casters will allow for inter-dimensional transportation of objects to a specified vault/stash house/etc and feats will be available to consolidate the weight of weapons/armor/etc.


All detection spells require concentration to maintain.


The party will be required to eat, drink and rest as needed to maintain a healthy state; overexertion, dehydration and exhaustion will be taken into consideration. This will be tracked by the DM and fair warning will be given anytime the party may need to rest. Food and water may be summoned magically, found via survival check or stored in the party’s supplies. Camping supplies (tents, flint, bedrolls, etc.) are optional but will affect your state depending on the current conditions; for example, going without a tent on a nice summer day is no big deal, but if it’s cold and raining you may become sickened. Survival checks can be useful to find caves, fire-wood, clean water, etc.


I will be enforcing the rules of flight, as pathfinder’s skill rules.


Play speed will be enforced both in and out of combat.


Conversations will be real-time, that means the NPC will be able to hear any scheming and strategizing that takes place. Planning before encountering NPCs is recommended but the NPCs will not wait forever! While in conversation the NPC will behave as their personality dictates, some have the patience to talk for hours but some will get annoyed at a lengthy or boring conversation.


When coming to a fork in the road an extensive debate on the direction may attract additional monster encounters, there is no set time and is completely under DM discretion.


While in combat players will have a list of initiatives displayed to them, they will know when each player/creature has its turn coming up soon. If a player takes an extensive amount of time to decide an action (under DM discretion) they will be forced to hold their action, if they still have no action at the end of the initiative for that round then they lose their turn.
*there won’t be a giant shot clock on the table but expect to be skipped if you take longer than 3 minutes to decide your action. When your action is decided and you need to roll a lot of dice, ex. melee with many iterative attacks, the DM may choose to go onto the next turn while you finish and tally the damage when ready.


Vision rules will be enforced as per Vision and Light, different flares will be introduced to help remedy dark caves and dungeon crawls.


Items in constant use will experience wear and tear according to how they are used; occasional maintenance will be required for things like weapons, shields, armor, packs, etc. It will be the DMs responsibility to track this feature, it will not be very strict and there will always be disclosure to changes in your weapon quality before any detrimental effects come up.

Pesky Rules

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